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Our Goal

Our Main goal is to be more cost effective than all the competitors while still keeping up the amazing quality we have consistently provided over the last 10 years. Here at DIY TURF WAREHOUSE, our first mission is to save you money and time; WE do this in 3 simple steps.

What can you do on our site.

We have created a user-friendly website to be able to assist you to get your job completed for the best price possible. There are 4 easy steps. . .

How to order.

  1. Measure your grass/dirt with this app CLICK HERE
  2. Input your estimated turf square footage.
  3. Input required information to get the job done. (Phone number, address, email, etc.)
  4. Call DIY Turf Experts to schedule your installation date and answer any questions you may have. 

Who are we?

DIY Turf Warehouse is the nationwide supplier of all synthetic grass related subjects. From state-of-the-art turf, to maintenance supplies, to must-have accessories. Our warehouses are always stocked and ready to ship at a moments notice

Our collection consists of the highest quality turf products in the industry

We have accomplished this by only using state of the art materials and equipment for manufacturing our turf. Ask us about our new and improved turf backing! (Basically eliminates drains)

Here at DIY turf warehouse we want to assure you love the turf product you choose.

This is why we offer FREE samples before you make a purchase. This is to not only experience how soft they feel and real they look, but also have a side by side comparison of the different colors and products we offer.

We not only provide you with the turf, we provide you with every product you will need to complete your installation.

Take a look at the accessories we offer to make sure your beautiful yard is correctly installed and secured to last you for decades to come.

Order Base Material

The base material is the most important aspect of your installation.

Let us know the size of your area and we will let you know how much depth and base it will require. This is a one-stop shop!

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Weed Barrier


Gopher Wire


Nails 50lb Box


U 5″ Staples 100 Count


Green Sand 50lb Bag


Turf Glue 10oz


Zeolight 50lb bag


50lb Silica Bag


3.5″ Finishing Nails (50lb box)


Seam Tape


Golf Set